Anonymous said: I love ur blog but you should really post more


Anonymous said: I have read it!! Yay!

boom. y’all two be friends now. 

wow-thanks-guys said: Would you please read the full book? I'm a high school freshman and have no friends who have...

well the thing is i just started college, so my chances of starting and actually finishing the brick are very very slim………

but there are tons of people here who have read it!

reddragonslair said: [{I literally just found this blog today. I HAVE MISSED SO MUCH. Your blog is great}]

talk-justice-to-me said: Dear lovely, can you put your fanfic back into the world?

i actually lost it! i put it in some folder deep, deep in my computer, and i’m having a lot of difficulty finding it… it may have gotten deleted…… 

Anonymous said: Where are you from? I have to know where to move out to get sense of humour like yours.


el oh el {

el oh el

Anonymous said: I have a great idea and I edited a photo but I don't think I can send it but it was a picture of gavroche laying dead and it had the caption "booty had me like" lol

well damn i guess i will just have to settle for the mental picture

running-and-fashion said: did u read the novel? I'm reading it rn and loving it!!!

lol sorry haha yes i have read the (abridged) book. one day in the distant future, because a college freshman won’t have time to read it, i will complete the brick. but let me know how you like it!! 

ps. marius’ nostrils are the best part. also the gay references. also “patria is my mistress”. all good things. 

fight-dream-love said: Your blog is wonderful! I just keep reblogging everything lol these pics are so great 8)

ahhh thank you!

pole--dancer said: Your blog is my new favorite thing and I almost passed out at the bitch I might be one

Anonymous said: I have a heart full of love For you


so i have been working on this project for like a year (lol nope i just started it don’t tell my school that) but i do really care about this issue and i want more people to know about it. so if you would, share my PSA and hopefully more people in the world can learn about rape culture and how to prevent it. #bible

yo guys, so i made this project cause i have to graduate and not fail at life, but in all seriousness this is a topic I’m really passionate about, and i love you all to death, so if you would please consider supporting me by watching this video or reblogging it so other people can too. I made a different one as well, which you can watch here if you want. it’s about consent. thanks, children!!

-the overlord

pteranadonattack-gate said: It only took about three seconds of scrolling to realize I needed to follow your blog.